Saturday, November 22, 2008

Set Your Own Price for Instruction: Radio, Podcasting, and Internet Radio


Set the price and pay what you can afford, learn more effective ways of presentation for terrestrial radio, podcasting, and Internet radio. Everyone wants to be heard, but without content and a good presentation, no one will listen. I am Radio Coach Sam Weaver and it is my goal to assist everyone desiring to improve broadcast technique. can assist in achieving personal announcer goals. It will take passion and practice, but anything worthwhile is worth working towards.

Many assume traditional radio, podcasting, and Internet radio is all about audio and never consider the writing behind the show. Skilled communicators know the importance of planning. The most effective broadcasts are prepared and. use a script. It takes practice, reading aloud, recording, and listening to practice sessions. Whether it is a show as a DJ or a talk show, show prep is essential. Presentation or delivery takes practice like an actor or an actress. The key is to sound natural and unrehearsed. Now is your chance to pay what you want and learn how to improve your presentation. Veteran broadcasters need occasional guidance to keep their craft on target and beginners require proper instruction to evolve as broadcasters. In either case, I am the person you need. Here is my web site,, e-mail or call 1 888 680 RADIO (7234).

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