Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pay What you Want, and Learn Podcasting, Internet Radio, and Traditional Radio

Dana Hall, Executive Editor Radio-info
“Radio Coach Sam Weaver is passionate, knowledgeable, and an incredible coach”.

Jerry Boulding, Urban Editor,
“ I’ve observed Radio Coach Sam Weaver as an air talent and a programmer. Over the years he has groomed and developed air personalities. He is motivated, research oriented, analytical, and has a knack of explaining things in an understandable way”

Podcasting, Internet radio, and traditional radio talent can now learn and set their own price. If are not happy with your presentation or feel as if you could do better with some coaching, http://www. is where you need to go. Sam explains everything in a way that is easy to understand. Baseball has batting coaches, football has defensive coordinators, and even Tiger Woods has a coach to keep him sharp. E-mail, or call 1 888 680 RADIO (7234)

This is Radio Coach Sam Weaver and I decided money should not stand in the way for those wishing to improve, learn or maintain their broadcast skills. Therefore, I let you, the client, set your price and pay what you can afford. My services are on a monthly basis, follow this link to read about my career.

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