Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Radio Coach Sam Weaver: Internet Radio, Podcasting, and Traditional Radio

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Internet radio, Podcasting, and traditional radio are poised to make great strides in communications. Content and presentation will be the engines to captivate the audience and Internet information junkies.

This is Radio Coach Sam Weaver and I am the person that can help you reach broadcast goals. Being at ease and relevant is achievable with direction. Veterans and beginners need coaching; veterans know their craft, but could use someone to guide them for a more efficient presentation. On the other hand, newbies need a solid foundation to grow. Regardless of the audio delivery method, broadcasting can be fun and profitable. Radio personalities are a small fraternal group, specializing in presenting the written word in an interesting fashion. It is a skill that transcends the old media of radio, to the new media of Internet radio, podcasts,and Video blogs. Becoming a part of this small club requires a continued effort. As a radio talent coach, I try to be the catalyst for learning and maintaining skills.

My services are affordable, I let the client set the price and pay what they can afford. Interested? Send an e-mail to thecoach@radiocoach.biz or call 1 888 680 RADIO (7234) My website is http://www.radiocoach.biz.