Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Radio Talent Coach Sam Weaver 1 888 680 7234

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Radio Talent Coach Sam Weaver, email thecoach@radiocoach.biz, http://radiocoach.biz/main.html.

Radio Talent Coach Sam Weaver is one of the best at informing on the latest changes in the radio broadcast industry. The state of mass communications is evolving at a rapid pace; thanks to technology; the once 24-hour news cycle is now much less. Sam Weaver is one of those visionaries capable of sorting through the facts and simplifying for peers and the average consumer. Timely information can prevent miscalculated decisions. There are many windows of opportunity awaiting exploration for radio broadcast hopefuls. As a talent coach, Sam provides the atmosphere for veterans to sharpen presentations and beginners can learn at a rate-befitting individual progression. Working with him is an experience in self-realization

Joel Denver, AllAccess.com Pres./Publisher
"Over the years, one of the most consistent winners in radio has been Sam Weaver. His attention to detail, content, and the ability to grow and nurture talent puts him in a class by himself."

Dana Hall, Executive Editor Radio-info

“He is passionate, knowledgeable, and an incredible coach”.

Jon Zellner, Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel Radio

“I competed against him in Kansas City and he did a phenomenal job.