Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pay Your What You Want and Learn How To Prepare a Podcast

Gary Bernstein, President of Syndication One
“Radio Coach Sam Weaver is one of those rare programmers that can find, motive, educate, and grow air talent.”

Podcasting allows podcasters a chance to express themselves, many want to know how to prepare for a show. Radio Coach Sam Weaver and can provide invaluable information on content and presentation. Coach Weaver has 30 plus years of broadcast experience as a programmer, announcer, and educator. Click on this link to become familiar with the Coaches career.

Preparing and executing a show can be accomplished with practice and work. The length of time it takes to become proficient varies from person to person.

This is Radio Coach Sam Weaver and I decided money should not stand in the way for those wishing to improve, learn or maintain their broadcast skills. Therefore, I let you, the client, set your price and pay what you can afford. My services are on a monthly basis, we can get started now, contact me at, e-mail, or call 1 888 680 RADIO (7234)

Anyone who can read and write has the capabilities of becoming a radio or podcast personality. It is important to vocalize written copy aloud. The sound of someone's voice has little to do with being successful. Communicating succinctly in a warm and friendly manner is the ultimate goal.

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