Thursday, January 22, 2009

Radio Talent Coach Sam Weaver

Sam Weaver, radio's most affordable talent coach,,1 888 680 7234. Traditional radio, Podcasting, Internet radio. Also an Internet Radio Consultant.

The necessary announcing skills for traditional radio success have always been passed to those deemed worthy. Radio talent Coach Sam Weaver attempts to continue this honored practice through his web site at Consolidation in theory was a good thing, however,it has resulted in a lack of attention to maintaining and buildings its most precious commodity, the air personality. Too many program directors have been turned into program managers, resulting in little time to work with air talent. Over the years, ratings have not always been a reflection of the sound of a station. Too much attention to "What can we do without" instead of "What we can do to enhance". This attitude has been prevalent regardless of market size. Programmers, even the experienced ones, have been handicapped by poor ownership decisions. The number one goal for Radio Coach Sam Weaver is to help announcers maximize their talents and reach broadcast goals.

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