Sunday, April 19, 2009

Radio Talent Coach Sam Weaver

Sam Weaver, radio's best talent coach. 1 888 680 7234. Sam concentrates on Traditional radio, Podcasters, Internet radio. Weaver also consults Internet Radio Owners. E-mail,

Radio Coming Full Circle
Radio is reaching the maturation point, Clear Channel just made another empty statement pretending boldness in offering the best and adhering to local radio needs. This is a clear sign of “We don’t know what else to say”. Now is the time for radio personalities to prepare for the next creative wave of the industry. Dust off your skills and be on ready alert. Within the next 16 months there will be new opportunities via medium and small market radio companies. The big boys need cash to pay loan obligations dating back to yesteryear's investment banking days.

Hopefully, all the time off has been put to good use. Do you want to get back into microphone shape? I am offering an affordable tune-up package, fitting the needs of those trying to keep their skills sharp. It is important to be ready; the time is coming for the professionals to go back to work.

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